One of the lessons that women of Africa and the rest of the world agree upon is that sun-kissed looking skin is desirable. But everyone agrees that limiting time in the sun is a much healthier approach. This is where EllieGlow Self-Tanning Products came into play. Evening out skin tone, having a glowing complexion, these are possible without the damaging and aging effects of the sun. In fact, if you want to look tan, but also want to protect your skin, you can absolutely do so and look your natural best, too! With EllieGlow Sunless Tanning Products, you can tan under an umbrella will sitting by the sea, get a great glowing tan while you rest, or even when you’re shopping in the rain! At EllieGlow, we’ve perfected the art of tanning your body and face to a glowing complexion – no matter your base tone, no matter where you are, no matter what time of the day or night!



Results, texture, look, and smell are important to us and we borrowed heavily from Africa’s greatest beauty rituals. One of the first things you’ll notice is the scent of every EllieGlow Skin Care and Self-Tanning products. They are intoxicating! Our Ellie Skin Care proprietary formulations are designed to exfoliate, nourish, and protect as well as smell fabulous. We made it our mission to procure the finest ingredients and then in our labs, we produce the very finest and great-smelling EllieGlow Anti-Aging Skin Care and Self-Tanning products. Our EllieGlow Self-Tanning products gently kiss your skin with EllieGlow Coloration-Blending Technology and Aromatherapy™ (ECBTA), creating your flawless sunless tan.   

African Beauties’ Secrets


Historically when you think of gorgeous African skin, Cleopatra, the Queen of Sheba, and Nefertiti come to mind. Modern African beauties like Charlese Theron, supermodel Candice Bouche, Minnie Dlamini, and actresses Sasha Pieterse-Sheaffer and Tammin Sursok from Pretty Little Liars, as well as Miss Universe 2019, Zozibini Tunzi, With glowing skin and even complexions – African women of all ages are exquisite! Most have never had access to modern, sophisticated beauty creams. But somehow, despite the harsh African sun, they developed beauty treatments from their surroundings to keep their skin hydrated, smooth, supple, and looking its best. Even our beloved Ellies throw mud on their back and love to bath in nutrient-rich waters!


Self-Tanning and Skin Scenting are both beauty traditions with centuries of African history

There’s a little-known beauty ritual performed by Sudanese women called ‘Dukhan’, which roughly translates to ‘smoke’. A glowing natural looking tan and gorgeously perfumed skin comes from the ritual. Traditionally, Sudanese women disrobe and carefully sit above the container covering their entire body with a blanket, trapping the smoke. Slowly the sweet-tinted dye-colored smoke from perfumed woods like acacia, Baobab, and sandalwood billowing around their body changes the color and scent of their skin. Some say that Dukhan is the original Self-Tanning Ritual. Incense coloration rituals and aromatherapy go back thousands of years to the ancient African Kingdoms of Meroe and Nubia (today northern Africa’s Sudan and Egypt).


Times have changed and so has the Dukhan ritual. Today, in Northern Africa, the burning wood of the Dukhan is connected to a tube, which delivers the Dukhan to where the woman is sitting, much like a sauna-like seat. It’s much safer than squatting above a fire! With this modernized Dukhan ritual, women remove the heat, but keep the tanning and aromatherapy elements, leaving the color of the tan and smell of the Dukhan on your skin. But don’t worry! You won’t have to sit for hours over hot coals to get a great-smelling glowing tan. All of our EllieGlow Self-Tanning Products are infused with incredible aromatherapy, Essential Oils and hydrating properties.


Another beauty ritual from North Africa is Dilka. African women know that it is very important to exfoliate and prepare your skin prior to Duhkan so that the coloration and aromatic scents do their best work. What makes Dilka special is that it’s made with the pulverized wood of the dukhan which is very aromatic and therapeutic. Additionally, Blood Orange is known to clean, tighten and color the skin so people have begun to add it to the Dilka.


The wood does what salt scrubs cannot – it holds the exfoliating properties longer. At EllieGlow, we use superior Walnut Wood combined with the hard-working Blood Orange enzymes to prepare the skin for Self-Tanning Products in our EllieGlow Walnut Exfoliator.


Beauty Secrets from History combined with Modern Skin Care and Self-Tanning Technological Advances

At EllieGlow, we’ve taken the best of these African beauty and Self-Tanning rituals, combined them with advanced skin care technology and ingredients from the West to create EllieGlow Self-Tanning and Skin Care Products. This makes for an impressive heritage and a unique story, however even though we’ve been active in the beauty industry for 40 years, we have a track record of innovation. Self-Tanning has been completely revolutionized in the past 2 years alone!

Ingredients from Nature and from the Best Laboratories in the World

The essential oils, enzyme extracts, and blending of native ingredients culled from the bio-flora, trees, fruits, and plants that thrive in desert-like, sun-exposed conditions is the secret to EllieGlow’s success. Many of the ingredients, enzymes, and oils are so difficult and costly to procure that they have only been available in tremendously expensive products. Ellie Skin Care is changing that.

At EllieGlow, we’ve borrowed the lessons from aromatherapy and coloration to enhance our EllieGlow Self-Tanning Products – especially for the EllieGlow Mousses, Micro-Mists, and Tan Extenders (tan maintenance) products EllieGlow Natural Tan Extender and Glistening Tan Extender.

Sunless tanning rituals aren’t new to Africa and EllieGlow incorporated these timeless rituals in the entire Self-Tanning Range of products.

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We always listen to what works for real women. We ask what they like and what they don’t. Every one of our products was inspired from secrets handed down from grandmother to mother to daughter in Africa, Europe and the USA. Tell us what works for you!

Our goal is to make you look great and to do so at a reasonable cost in time and money. Our nail care system alone will save you nearly $10,000 in salon costs and personal time over the short timeframe of 10 years (more if you like in an expensive metropolitan area).