What type of Skin do you have and what are the best products?

For every skin type, choice of product and ingredients are the keys to a great looking complexion, as well as the frequency of use. For your skin to look and perform at its best, exfoliation is vital but in the correct doses for your skin type. In fact, when it comes right down to it, you have to know your skin, areas of your skin and adjust with commonsense. Please remember, when it comes to exfoliation, cleansing, moisturizing, and general maintenance, you should always consider your skin type, what it is naturally, and what might have caused it temporarily to go off track (hormones, acne or other skin conditions, harsh chemicals, or damage caused by the environment including sun damage and over-drying (perhaps because you live in a dry area or was heating or air conditioning frequently).


Studies at Harvard University have proven that one of the first things a person notices is the texture of your skin and that proper skin care is the best and most effective way to improve your image.


For oily skin, it’s important that you don’t manually over-exfoliate. It can actually cause your skin to dry out and produce even more oil. In fact, most skin care experts actually promote the use of Essential Oils and serums for those with oilier skin. Additionally, skin care professionals always recommend that anyone with oily-prone skin use a chemical exfoliator on a regular and frequent basis. These melt the sebum that can build up in pores causing whiteheads, blackheads, and when out of control, acne.


Skin specialists recommend gentle daily exfoliation because most people with oilier skin also typically has a quicker buildup of dead skin cells on the skin’s surface. This happens because, unlike dry skin where the skin easily ‘sheds’ cells, the sebum on oily skin binds dead cells to the surface, not allowing it to shed cells as easily. Daily exfoliation with EllieGlow Rooibos Exfoliating Cleanser or EllieGlow Charcoal Cleanser helps with this; as does an exfoliating toner like AHA Prepping Toner.


As for regular weekly or biweekly chemical exfoliation, opt for one with a high level of glycolic acid like EllieGlow Deep Renewal Rapid Exfoliator with professional strength 40% Glycolic Acid, which gently but effectively removes those dull skin cells and loosens and melts sebum before it hardens (forming plugs in skin pores).  Learn More ESSENTIAL OILS.


For delicate skin, exfoliating too roughly or too much can be particularly harsh. But exfoliating is critical. But it’s the frequency and product you’ll choose that will set you on the path to a great looking complexion. We suggest using at least two serums: One to build the collagen (Collagen Boosting Royal Vitamin C Regeneration Serum) every delicate skin type needs and the other to enhance moisture (Royal Ultimate Anti-Aging Serum) with Royal Jelly, combined with Marula, Baobab, and Kalahari Melon Seed Oils combined with DMAE & CoQ10 to help your skin repair the ravages of aging, sun damage, and environmental factors. Additionally, to make sure you are exfoliating regularly, EllieGlow Rooibos Exfoliating Cleanser will be critical for your delicate skin.


The majority of individuals who claim to have dry or extremely dry skin have used soaps and cleansers that may have caused the skin’s delicate balance to change. EllieGlow Rooibos Exfoliating Cleanser is an emollient cleanser that won’t strip the skin’s moisture. It will cleanser and protect. Additionally, to counter the effects of skin that is too dry, individuals often use more moisturizer than they need or they use the wrong type of moisturizer, picking one that is far too heavy for their natural skin’s balance.  This will actually result in skin care problems like whiteheads, blackheads, enlarged pores, and under-the-surface bumps.


Some ingredients to avoid if you have dry skin are alcohol (remember there are good and bad alcohols!) Learn More GOOD VERSUS BAD ALCOHOL, adenosine triphosphate, algae extract, animal tissue extract, neural lipid extract, epidermal tissue extract, serum albumin, serum protein, spleen extract, tissue matrix extract.


Exotic Hydrating Cream will look and feel very different. The same is true for the nighttime moisturizer, Royal Ellie Rejuvenating Night Cream. It is a different consistency, but work to super hydrate your skin as you sleep.


EllieGlow Royal Soothing Serum, this dynamic serum is perfect for dry but blemish-prone skin with a tendency towards redness and inflammation. Specially designed to sooth, stabilize, and balance  oil production (balance dryness or patchy oil or dry spots). In this serum, White Willow Bark, nature’s ultimate perfecting clarifier, melds together with Royal Jelly and a host of Africa’s most powerful oils and humectants (Marula, Baobab, and Kalahari Melon Seed Oils) and rich antioxidants to tone, moisturize, refine, and clarify your skin. This formula will help your skin repair the ravages of aging, sun damage, and environmental factors providing intense nourishment to balance, protect, and hydrate.


Follow  exfoliant with a super hydrating serum to lock in moisture and promote hydration. Alternate day and night with Royal Ultimate Anti-Aging Serum or Royal Kalahari Serum. Then follow the serum with an AHA-free moisturizer (Exotic Hydrating Cream).


With more mature skin, exfoliation is important and more important to pick the RIGHT EXFOLIATING METHODS and the RIGHT FREQUENCY followed by age appropriate moisturizing treatments.


As we age, it becomes more important to exfoliate in order to combat the effects of drier skin, slower skin cell turnover, and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Aim for at least daily with a gentle exfoliating cleanser like EllieGlow Rooibos Exfoliating Cleanser or EllieGlow Charcoal Cleanser for  face, neck, cleavage, and décolletage; and twice a week with two different types of exfoliators, one each of manual and chemical. Opt for one with a high level of glycolic acid like EllieGlow Deep Renewal Rapid Exfoliator with professional strength 40% glycolic acid, which gently but effectively removes those dull skin cells. 

Sensitive skin:

The most important ingredient to avoid is any form of artificial fragrance. EllieGlow Skin Care does not contain any artificial fragrances or perfumes. We feel that skin care products should be as pure and gentle as possible. Any fragrances should be based on aromatherapy derived from natural herbs and flowers. Other often used ingredients to avoid are PABA (a common sunscreen), lanolin, and urea. NOTE: EllieGlow Skin Care does not contain these irritants and all ELLIEGLOW products are hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and non-comedogenic.

Products for Dry or Sensitive Skin Types

For dry or sensitive skin types, use the EllieGlow Total Skin Care System together with at least one or two targeted serums containing hyaluronic acid (Hydrating Anti-Aging Serum or Vitamin C Serums) for at least four to six weeks to allow the skin’s balance to return. EllieGlow Products are non-comedogenic.


All products in the EllieGlow Total Skin Care System are scientifically designed to work in harmony to balance your skin so that you achieve your best complexion.


EllieGlow.com/Bacteria Bacterial and/or Fungal Infections


Skin care experts agree that bacterial and fungal presence, particularly through the contamination of skin care products is a leading cause of skin irritation and breakouts. The EllieGlow Total Skin Care System has both anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agents to avoid this issue.

  1. Most important: EllieGlow Total Skin Care System products have ingredients that will help deal with the effects and consequences of bacterial and fungal presence and contamination.
  2. We have added anti-bacterial and anti-fungal elements and we use sprays, disc tops, and pumps on all products.
  3. We recommend cleansing hands thoroughly and/or using a clean spatula when dipping into the jars.