Why is Glycolic Acid the best choice of AHA for sloughing off skin cells?


Glycolic acid works every time you use it, and it begins to work immediately.


Glycolic acid is the naturally occurring, non-toxic Alpha Hydroxy Acid derived from sugar cane. Glycolic acid melts ‘cellular glue’ that binds skin cells together, allowing them to loosen rapidly or over a longer period of time. Because of its small molecular size and safety record, glycolic acid is ideal for at home cosmetic exfoliation uses. Rapid penetration of the epidermis’ cells occurs best with glycolic acid when compared to the time effectiveness (quick results) of other AHAs.


Glycolic acid also melts the sebum (skin’s oil) that builds up in pores extremely quickly. In this way, it can reduce the appearance of blackheads and also help reduce their size within immediate effects. Additionally, over a period of extended use, you’ll see the benefits in your skin’s texture and appearance. This typically greatly improves over a month or two when using a combination of Rapid (40%) Glycolic Acid 40% Glycolic Acid Deep Renewal Exfoliator and Extended Exfoliators (Royal Ellie Moisturizers and Serums with enzymes, peptides, and AHAs and other exfoliating agents).


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What are some of the benefits of glycolic acid?

What type of skin benefits most from 40% glycolic acid?

The 40% Glycolic Acid Deep Renewal Exfoliator has been scientifically designed for excellent results in a wide range of skin types from dry to normal to oily as well as sensitive and acne-prone.