Lessons from the Deserts and Savannahs

Desert and African plants have found remarkable ways to survive and thrive in the harshest, driest conditions. Local women in these climates have always used these plants to stop their skin from aging, to help wounds heal, to protect their skin from the environment, and hydrate it. Even though they lived in harsh conditions their entire lives, it often seems that local women had fewer wrinkles, clearer skin tones, and a seemingly radiant complexions until much later in life compared with others.


One of our founders, Hellen Davis, grew up in Africa and had long thought that their secrets could be highly useful in modern skin care formulations. She asked herself “Why not use the restorative and regenerative properties that allow African and desert plants to thrive in the very harshest of conditions, to help others look more youthful?” She took a closer look at Africa’s beauty secrets and the EllieGlow Team started to experiment, testing and enhancing ingredients, and combining them to be most effective. We used our extensive research and findings, along with other anti- aging studies, to guide the selection of ingredients and formulations in the EllieGlow range.


As examples, EllieGlow Skin Care incorporates Kalahari Desert Melon and Desert Whale Jojoba (from the Sonoran Desert) Oils, and Aloe Vera leaf juice (a favorite in South Africa) into some of the products. All of these plants have developed a sophisticated system of survival in extreme environmental conditions. We also use pure liquid Royal Jelly (natural bee product) and a host of essential oils including those we’ve already mentioned. We’ve only highlighted a few of EllieGlow’s refined ingredients.


What are the benefits we found immediately?

  • Marula, Baobab and Kalahari Melon Seed Oils instantly help nourish and hydrate the skin for a more youthful-looking glow.
  • Peptides and other ingredients from our highly curated ingredients soften the appearance of dry, fine lines.
  • Prepping the skin is critical for optimal moisturizing, and clients say they love how the system cleanses skin while exfoliating, nourishing and moisturizing it. EllieGlow Cleansers and AHA Prepping Toner helps exfoliate skin daily, removing excess sebum, dirt, and dead skin cells to reveal a brighter, more youthful glowing complexion.
  • Our 40% Glycolic Acid Deep Renewal Exfoliator ensures optimal cell turn-over rate, which helps the skin rejuvenate regularly.Alpha hydroxy acids increase,

What are the ongoing and cumulative benefits?

  • Long-lasting super-charged hydration seems to be the norm with all clients.
  • People report they have improved skin elasticity and their skin healed quicker, with less irritation.
  • Many reported an increase in overall firmness.
  • On damaged skin, clients tell us they’ve used it to calm and help heal sunburns, chapped lips and skin, and that it has significantly helped with calloused skin.
  • In the majority of our hydrating products, Baobab, Marula, and Kalahari Melon Seed Oils deliver anti-oxidant rich oils, peptides, and enzymes that work perfectly together to infuse nutrients and long-lasting moisture deep into the layers of your skin.
  • EllieGlow Serums deliver added benefits, help target specific skin care interests. A few nourish, others help calm acne and rosacea, and all will stimulate cellular rejuvenation and soften your complexion. Specialized Serums contain high levels of active ingredients. For example, CoQ10 helps fight free radicals that cause premature aging, Vitamin E helps repair dry, cracked lips, African and desert-based oils and help stabilize, moisturize, and protect, giving your skin a more youthful looking appearance.

Sophisticated Manufacturing Process Safeguards Your Skin

The EllieGlow manufacturing process is highly sophisticated. Each ingredient was carefully chosen and thoughtfully organized so that we could present you with amazing products and fabulous prices, while taking into account that a skincare routing should be easy to understand and quick to use in the morning and at night.


In technical terms, we wanted to ensure that all of the elements in the formulas work cohesively together to promote cell regeneration, keratinocyte differentiation, and proliferation.

What does this mean?

The EllieGlow Skin Care evolution has arrived! 


EllieGlow offers an exceptional and comprehensive skin care collection formulated with the latest technology and advances, and rich botanicals from across the world including Kalahari Melon Seed, Baobab, and Marula Oils, Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), Royal Jelly, Aloe Vera and other distinctive ingredients.


The entire EllieGlow range of products addresses some very important (and common) skincare concerns:


  • Protective Barrier: Technically the major role of keratinocyte terminal differentiation is to form a physical barrier that acts as permeability barrier against water loss, foreign microbes (environmental intrusion), and toxins. This protective barrier is delivered by two types of products – serums and moisturizers. Bottom line: Your skin needs a protective porous barrier to help it maintain optimal functioning. When it performs at its best, your skin glows!
  • Hydration and Moisturization: In addition, the ingredients were curated to encourage skin tissue hydration and to reduce inflammation, helping to bring the skin back into balance. Cellular regeneration is a critical factor in healthy youthful-looking skin.
  • New Cell Growth and Collagen Production: Each product was designed to work together to stimulate and maintain new cell growth and collagen production.
  • Stabilize and Soothe: And finally, skin sometimes needs a boost, repair, or a serious ‘pick me up’. Whether skin ‘gets confused’ about how much sebum (oil) it should be producing, or responds negatively to hormonal influences, or has a bacterial or fungal issue that causes breakouts, we realized that some of the EllieGlow products had to be designed to calm, soothe, and stabilize the skin – helping alleviate client issues like acne, rosacea, hormonal breakouts, dry skin, oily patches, etc. Learn more about EllieGlow Serums.

Balanced Skin is Healthy Skin

Every person has a skin type that is a combination of areas that tend to be either dry or oily. This doesn’t matter what gender, ethnicity, or heritage you hail from or what skin care program you currently have.



No matter the combination or sensitivity level, EllieGlow Skin Care ingredients will assist your skin to regain its natural balance. Each element will help you restore the damage caused by sun exposure, aging, irritating cleansers, soaps, astringents, alcohol, and other harsh abrasives.


When EllieGlow products and the Total Skin Care System are used as recommended, we GUARANTEE that you will see and feel a positive difference in the delicate balance of your skin within four weeks or we will gladly refund your money.


EllieGlow’s African Skin Care Roots

EllieGlow products assist in delicately refining and softening facial lines; adding suppleness – essential to younger looking skin. When it comes to appearances, the women of Africa are world renowned for three things:


  1. Diversity: We love all people’s skin tones! The variety of skin tones ranging from pale alabaster skin to light mocha, java, and ebony are each profoundly beautiful and perfect in their own way. Whether dry, normal, oily or sensitive; all are naturally exquisite. All are meant to be nurtured and nourished with the fruits and essential oils of the Earth. EllieGlow products are perfect all skin types and tones.
  2. Texture: The smooth, flawless skins across Africa are the envy of the world. The ingredients of EllieGlow Total Skin Care System bring their gorgeous complexion secrets to all!
  3. Agelessness: The ability to look much younger than expected given the harshness and dryness of the African climate, this has always fascinated the EllieGlow team. By combining timeless rituals with modern technological advances from the Western world, the EllieGlow team brings you anti-aging ingredients and formulations that you will love!

EllieGlow formulations are extremely gentle and effective. All of our EllieGlow Skin Care and Self-Tanning products are:


  • 100%Made in U.S.A.
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-comedogenic (will not clog pores)
  • Sensitivity and dermatologist tested
  • Cruelty free
  • 100% vegan
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Get the Glow!

Your skin is precious – it’s your body’s most important protector against aging and health issues. The ingredients you use are critical to your skin’s health and appearance. The plants that thrive in desert conditions can truly help your skin combat the signs of aging by protecting it against the ravages of sun exposure, drying and harsh environmental conditions that are so common in everyday life (air conditioning, heating, pollution, etc.).

ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING you read about EllieGlow Products in terms of how it makes your skin soft and smooth looking is absolutely true. I’m a product junkie and have tried many facial products that claim to be the go to product to the stars – most are over-priced and not worth it. EllieGlow literally makes my skin glow! I started with the serums and skin care, now use the rapid self-tanning mousse and tanning drops. I love the way the products make my face feel after use. Also, a little of the product goes a long way. This makes the price incredible too.


– Caroline NYC, NY

Protect, Hydrate, Grow, & Soothe