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  • Exotic Hydrating Cream


    Exotic Hydrating Day Cream will not only smooth lines and even skin’s tone and texture, but it will help hold but the signs of aging for a lot longer than other choices. EllieGlow formulated Exotic Hydrating Day Cream, one of our top selling products, as a light but highly effective emollient moisturizer in a considerable 4 ounce jar which typically lasts for months! Exotic Hydrating Day Cream leaves no trace of oily residue or ‘slick’ appearance and is wonderful for moisture retention. Exotic Hydrating Day Cream is ideal for daily use or nightly when humidity is too high to use your heavier night cream.  Intoxicating essential oils infuse your skin and stimulate olfactory sensations with a proprietary blend of Sandalwood, Rose, and Coconut Essential Oils,  in order to repair and rejuvenate and induce healing throughout the day. This olfactory sensation is a true God-send if you wear a mask. The essential oils release throughout the day making mask-wearing a lot more bearable! Additionally, your skin will appear more youthful and hydrated with a healthier texture and glow. Exotic Hydrating Cream melts into your skin to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, builds elasticity, diminishes discoloration and fades age spots.

    Size: 4oz/120ml

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