EllieGlow Rapid Dry Nail Dipping Powders, Liquids, & Kits

Our easy-to-use dip powders are chip-resistant and long-wearing Each kit include the pharmaceutical grade liquids and powders to create Professional Quality full color overlays for your natural nails, tips, or extensions.  Ellie Nail Dipping Powders also feel much more natural, do not damage the nail bed, and are a healthier alternative to any other nail enhancements. The Nail Dipping process is easy and with very little practice, the results are typically outstanding. In fact, with Ellie Nail Liquids and Powders no one would guess that you didn’t spend a fortune at the salon!

Complete Instructions: Learn How! Nail Dipping Instructions and Application Tips https://ellieglow.com/nail-dipping-instructions

French Artistic Nail Dipping Instructions and Application Tips https://ellieglow.com/artistic-manicure-instructions

Why choose Ellie Nail Dipping Powders?

Affordable Salon-like Professional Quality


Dipping powders, in general, are a great much healthier alternative to gel polish and/or acrylics. With your Ellie Nail Dipping Powder Kit, you’ll achieve a clean, natural-looking manicure that boasts a surprising degree of durability and strength in the comfort of your home.


Ellie Nail Starter Kits include the pharmaceutical grade liquids and powders to create Professional Quality full color overlays for your natural nails, tips, or extensions.  The process is easy and with very little practice, the results are typically outstanding. In fact, with Ellie Nail Liquids and Powders no one would guess that you didn’t spend a fortune at the salon!

  • Salon-like Professional Quality
  • Healthier alternative to gels/acrylic nails
  • Easy to Apply: Formulated to coat and protect the nail bed.
  • Tough, Strong, Lightweight, Flexible, & durable:
  • 30 Second Super Fast-Drying Formulations
  • Extra Fine Highly Curated Powders and Liquids
  • Non-porous & Water Resistant with Extreme Bonding
  • Crack and Chip Resistant
  • Non-toxic & Odorless
  • Immaculate Shine; Non-Yellowing Formula
  • Lamp Not Required

What exactly is a dip powder manicure? 

Dipping Powders create a long-lasting professional looking manicure. Professional dipping powders like these are used in the best salons. How do dipping powders work? Ellie Nail Dipping Powders stick to your nails when you apply a glue-like Base Coat and then dip your nails into a pigmented, colored, or clear powder, activate to harden and apply a sealant top coat. The result is an even glossy coating that protects your nails, allowing them to strengthen and lengthen underneath. Best of all: Dipping powders as so easy to use, typically with results usually only achieved by professionals. Additionally, Ellie Nails formulas dry extremely quickly and don’t use UV lights to harden or cure.

High Quality, Great Service – USA based


Please remember, EllieGlow is based in the USA. Ellie Nail Dipping Powder Kits have been formulated with medical-grade elements. That means the quality of our liquids and powders is exceptionally high. In comparison to others on the market, EllieGlow Dipping Powder Kits are also one of the most durable, long-lasting, and easy to use nailcare products on the market.  We stand behind our products. We are not one of the ‘cheap’ brands that provide less than desirable ingredients (powders or liquids). We pride ourselves on quality, pricing, and results; and provide exceptional customer service and training. We are based in Florida.


Because we are based in the USA and can distribute throughout Europe and Africa, here is our promise: If you have ordered direct on our website, we process all orders for shipping in 2 business days. We will ship in stock products directly from St. Petersburg, Florida, and will provide you with shipping alternatives that work for you. If you are based outside of the USA, please call for shipping options. If you have a problem, we will replace your product in a timely fashion. If you need assistance, we will respond. If you need training, you can count on us.


Why is our location and guarantee important? We realize that buying personal care products online can be somewhat intimidating and confusing because so many suppliers ship into the USA from other countries. Do you really want to wait weeks or worry if your order will ever arrive? Do you really want to worry if you’ll get a refund or if the company will stand behind its products? Plus, customer support might be less than you might expect in many countries. That’s why our location and promises to you are important. You will receive a confirmation email including your tracking number once your package leaves the warehouse closest to your location. Please contact us if you need assistance with tracking or order confirmation at info@elliemail.com  If you ordered directly from one of our independent distributors, please contact directly them for shipping and processing information.


When considering nail maintenance, people are extremely conscious about three things:


  1. Personal Safety: Hygiene and sanitation issues that might lead to infection or contamination: Based on the past few months, you’ll be able to get professional results with no risk of cross-contamination from your nail products (i.e. exposure to other people’s germs).

  2. Money in Your Pocket! All of our kits and nailcare products come at an affordable price that won’t leave your wallet hurting. This is especially true if youcompare the cost of EllieGlow at home treatmetns to a year’s worth of professional nail salon visits. Yes, you can be thrifty or on a budget and have great looking fingertips with EllieGlow Nail Dipping Kits. Run the numbers: Go to the nail salon twice a month every single year? Remember that a salon manicure costs about $35-$40. Let’s see what you’ll save on the low end 2 x $30 x 12… that’s $720 plus time and the cost of getting there. It adds up! Your 6 Ellie Nail Dipping Powders will last about 24 months. You’ll have enough liquids for 9-12 months depending on your application needs. This means you can easily do about 24 – 48 manicures at the same cost as a few salon manicure visits. At a minimum you’ll save about 10 month’s worth of salon visits – $600. In fact, this super affordable kit will potentially save you much more when you take in convenience, transportation and the like…. Imagine what you’ll do with all that extra cash and time!

  3. Time and effort: We understand that fitting nail maintenance into daily life is sometimes challenging. Break a nail the day before a big meeting and your nail tech can’t take you? Been there, done that. Can’t get to the salon because of meetings, kid’s games, schedules or because you’re out of town. Travelling; and/or don’t want to miss an experience to get your nails done? In a strange town and can’t get an appointment? Yep – we get it.  If you are caught in a pinch, it’s great knowing you can use Ellie Nail Dipping Powders. They’re so easy to throw in your bag regardless of the reason. Whether we’re your back up system when things don’t go as planned or your front line go to – this kit should be in your home. Another thing our customers love – sitting in front of the TV with their favorite beverage, having time with friends, family or just some alone time while doing their nails is fabulous… So much more relaxing knowing you have your nails covered without any stress!

What are the Benefits of Ellie Nail Dipping Powders?

Easy to Apply: The process is as simple as applying nail polish then dipping your fingertip into a jar of fine powder. The system is formulated to coat and protect the nail bed and designed for ease of use. Three basic steps and you’ll have lovely long-wearing nails. We have great videos to bring you up to speed in minutes.


Easy to Learn: Please note that this dipping powder kit is a very great option for beginners to use at home. Uncomplicated and easy to use, it’s no wonder that it has lots of great customer reviews. We have a ton of lessons and tips for designs and application so that you can learn from the comfort of your home. We know that you might have had a less than helpful experience somewhere else or you might be a little reluctant because you aren’t completely confident in your skills yet. We understand!  Our distributors will be there to ask any questions and can give you the option of private lessons (in person or by webinar/video chat), which some beginners find extremely helpful.


30 Second Super Fast-Drying Ellie Nail Dipping Powder Formulations: One of our main features is the fact that Ellie Nails formulas dry extremely quickly. Prior to filing, Ellie Nail Dipping Powders dry within 30 seconds without an activator as is the case with 95% of other dipping powders. Additionally, Ellie Nail Top Coat dries within 90 seconds to a tough super durable and shiny finish – much faster than our competitors. Every minute of application time counts. This will allow you to seamlessly finish all your nails in a lot less time because there’s no waiting time between coats!


Natural Looking Nails: The way the Ellie Nail Dipping Powders process works, you get less powder on your nails than with an acrylic nails manicure, leaving you with much thinner and far more natural looking nails.


Less Messy, More Forgiving: Few of us have hands steady enough to paint our own nails in a flawless way. The dipping process ensure that you won’t spend time with swabs and pads trying to tidy up your less than ideal applications. If you make a mistake, just sweep it away if it hasn’t hardened yet or file it away of it has!


Socially Responsible: A portion of the proceeds of every kit are allocated to help conservation and education efforts in South Africa. This is very important to us!


Cruelty-free: Ellie Nail Dipping Powders are also cruelty-free products, so you can feel as good about your purchase as you do about your manicure.


Tough, Strong, Lightweight, Flexible, & Durable: Because Ellie Nail Dipping Powders create a bonded durable overlay, your manicure shouldn’t start to chip for at least 10 – 14 days. Some people report their longevity as a bit longer, up to 21 days. It really depends on two things: 1. How fast you your natural nails grow and 2. How tough are you in general on your hands and nails. One of the reasons that the bond Ellie Nail Dipping Powders last longer than our competitors is that the system creates is lightweight and flexible coating with medical-grade bonding agents.


Healthier alternative to gels/acrylic nails: Ellie Nail Dipping Powders and acrylics have a ton of similarities as far as looks go. But the most important difference is the underlying process: The bonding agents are different. Dip requires a resin-based agent – much like super glue, whereas acrylics require monomer to form the acrylic nails. A monomer is a chemical liquid that holds the acrylic and the nail together. It typically has a very strong chemical smell. If you’ve been in most nail salons, you know exactly what we mean. Without this liquid, the acrylic process is not possible.


Extra Fine Highly Curated Powders and Liquids: Not all Dipping Liquids and Powders are equal. The better and higher quality the powders and liquids, the better the results. If powders are extra fine, the adhesion to the Base Coat is supreme which provides exceptional bonding and longer lasting results.


Vibrant: The grains of Ellie Nail Dipping Powders are incredibly fine, and because of this the dip powder colors are a lot more vibrant and dynamic than our competitors and of traditional gels and acrylic nails.


Versatile: With 6 different colors to choose from in every kit, there are so many options to create stunning combinations and effects.


Endless Creativity: As an emerging trend, you will find more and more DIY videos and tutorials that show you how to use Ellie Nail Dipping Powders creatively. New products and color combinations are being introduced emerging all of the time, too, making it easier than ever to get dazzling results from your Ellie Nail Dipping Powders.


Non-porous & Water Resistant with Extreme Bonding: Ellie Nail Dipping Powder Kits contain a Top and Base Coat that comprise of medical-grade bonding agents. These glue-like bonding agents create a non-porous, water-resistant tough coating for your natural nails or can strengthen tips and overlays until your natural nails grow to the length you wan to sustain.


Safer: Overall, the verdict from the experts is that Dipping Powders are generally safer than any other adhesion nail products. Why? Dipping Powders are a bit safer because the layers are not as thick as acrylics and the bonding process is not as invasive to the nail plate. Additionally Dipping Powders – because of the bonding process and ingredients – also reduce the chances of nail beds breaking (especially compared to acrylics) and fungal infections. In comparison to gels, these aren’t very good for the health of your nails because they are hard to remove and hard on the natural nail plate. Ellie Nail Dipping Powders are much easier to remove (if you prefer this to a fill) and you get the same results as an in-salon gel or acrylic mani, but without the UV lights, harsh chemicals, etc. So Ellie Nail Dipping Powders end up being less damaging to your nails in the long run. They’re the perfect at-home option, especially if you’re someone who sees doing your nails as a form of self care.


Avoid the Risk of Contamination: We realize that Nail Dipping Powders are absolutely the best solution for growing beautiful nails, however in light of recent events, we do have to caution against  multiple people using any Dipping Powders – especially when having a manicure  in a nail salon. We believe that you should never expose yourself to the risk of cross-contamination that might occur if a manicurist were to dip different clients’ fingers into the same pot. How does cross-contamination occur? When you dip nails directly into a pot of powder and let the excess fall back into the pot, the risk of infection increases.


Unfortunately, this is something salons do quite often. The only solution is to take your OWN PRODUCTS to the salon. Ellie Nail Dipping Powders are perfect for this. Plus, an added benefit is that if you do need a repair, you can do so at home between manis.


Crack and Chip Resistant: Women who want their nails to look fabulous have always wanted to have time-saving solutions that look great and provide professional results. At-home manicures can save you a lot of money, but everyone knows that regular nail polish usually chips within days of application. Dipping Powders generally outlast gels 2 to 1 timewise, and they allow the natural nail to grow out protected by a flexible strong beautiful looking coating.


Non-toxic & Odorless: The Ellie Nail Dipping Powder products are odor-free. Whether you do this at home or in a salon, the idea of an odor free experience may be part of the appeal of using Ellie Nail Dipping Powders. Plus, the powders and free of harsh ingredients or irritating chemicals. Also, this product is gentle to your nail beds, unlike some gel and acrylic products.


Immaculate Shine: Non-Yellowing Formula: If you’ve ever had a mani and gone in the sun only to find your nails have yellowed, you know how terribly important a non-yellowing formulation is! Equally annoying is a manicure that loses its luster quickly. Neither of these will happen with Ellie Nail Dipping Powders. The formulations are designed to resist the effects of UV light from internal or external sources while retaining that ‘just polished’ elegant look.


Saves time: No need to drive to the salon, wait for an appointment, soak of for 30-45 minutes, etc. Plus Ellie Nail Dipping Powders dry faster, are easier and quicker to apply too. The fact that it can be easily learned as a DIY project means you save a lot of time overall.


Lamp Not Required: Dipping powders don’t use UV lights to harden or cure. They use a liquid activator and fast-drying powders. The UV dosage that you get throughout a gel manicure is short, yet it’s intense, Dr. Adigun claimed in 2016. In a research paper from the American Academy of Dermatology, he stated that gel manicures may not be a safe alternative for people who are very sensitive to UV light because it can trigger skin damage. From this, it is understood that exposure to UV rays can leave the body open to cellular malfunctions that can cause skin cancer. The gel and acrylic options require that UV exposure, so it is better to use dip powder nails if you have concerns about this matter. The recommendation was to restrict exposure to these lights.

Education & Training

Our expertise can help you become your own nail specialist in the safety and comfort of your home.

We care about you. We want to make sure you are comfortable and competent with every aspect of creating great Ellie Nail Dipping Powder Nails in the welcoming relaxed atmosphere of your own home. Here’s the thing: There is no such thing as instant professional natural-looking beauty. You have to learn the secrets to looking great.

It’s time to treat yourself!

Being professionally polished often means that someone took the time to teach you some tips. Whether this is in how you present yourself to the world or helping you figure what looks best on you. How you make cosmetics and skin care choices is extremely important; and professional looking application is key. We know that our hands speak volumes. When they look good, you feel good! We want to make sure you are amplifying your image positively. You EllieGlow Nailcare Specialist or Distributor will guide you along too. This could be on a webinar, in person, at one of our one-on-one or group training sessions or at a Nail Party. No matter where you choose to learn, we will love helping you become proficient, educated, wowed, and so you can learn how to better pamper yourself!

Complete Instructions: Learn How! Nail Dipping Instructions and Application Tips https://ellieglow.com/nail-dipping-instructions

French Artistic Nail Dipping Instructions and Application Tips https://ellieglow.com/artistic-manicure-instructions

Look well. Feel well. Be well.

It’s the experience of pampering yourself that’s often so delightful!


Relax. Release. Rebalance. Indulge yourself. Unwind. Coddle and spoil yourself with marvelous products to enrich and beautify. Treat yourself to quiet time. Grant yourself the time to unwind and slow down.


Inspire your inner self by looking after your outer beauty…

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It’s not just about your nails, it’s the experience. The safety. The convenience. The results. Plus… The money you save
is astounding!

Take time out for beauty.

Stop time. Relax and unwind. Unleash your inner zen. Stay beautiful. Spoil yourself. Pamper your hands. Treat yourself to gorgeous nails for the rest of your life!