There are no coincidences in the universe…


This page FOUND You for a REASON …


Somehow, somewhere, someone pointed you to this moment. What happens next is up to you…. One thing we understand for certain – the universe is full of people who’ve missed the signs of the opportunities that the universe delivered!


We welcome the opportunity to help you make your dreams come true!


Whether you’re looking to build a part-time income, top up your bank account, or run a full-time business, EllieGlow’s team supports you fully and rewards you for your entrepreneurial efforts! Download our in-depth plan of commissions, rewards, and bonuses! There are countless ways to earn really good income and profits through EllieGlow; and build equity in a business you own! We realize we are biased BUT we think this is the most exciting low-risk high-opportunity business ever!


Why did we choose to open our market to EllieGlow Independent Distributors?

At EllieGlow, we started off selling products direct to consumers. We kept on getting calls from our customers who absolutely raved about our products asking if we would allow them to sell EllieGlow Products. After a few dozen of these calls, we opened distribution to a few select people, and we all had a great experience. The issue was that it was very limited because we were providing wholesale products to resellers – and that was it. But the experience was very good and when a few asked if they could bring in other distributors, we began to wonder if we could complement our fabulous products with an equally extraordinary Compensation Plan. And we did it!

We particularly wanted to allow people to start their own EllieGlow Businesses in a low risk, low cost way.


If you desire your own business, HERE YOU GO!

  • Community: With us you don’t just join, you become part of an esteemed, motivated, and exciting team – a community of like-minded people!
  • Earning Potential: You get to make money, probably more than what you expect because of EllieGlow’s 3 Product Pillars: 1. The products are decently priced, 2. The quality is fabulous, and 3. The quantity of product EllieGlow provides makes customers think it’s a great value! That makes our EllieGlow Independent Distributors happy because this is not difficult to sell.
  • Your Goals & Schedule: You get to decide when you want to work and who you want to work with. You can work as much as you want, when you want. You get to decide HOW much money is enough for you!
  • And did we mention our ‘Make A Difference’ Mission? With us, YOU get to MAKE a real DIFFERENCE through our MISSION: We are involved in saving endangered wildlife, targeting poaching, and providing education on endangered wildlife.




Right now, we want to be totally up front with you. We want you to join our EllieGlow Team!

So that you understand the Business Opportunity fully, we put together 3 comprehensive documents. We are not going to ask you for your email or any other information. We trust that you’ll teach out to us when you want to speak to us or join EllieGlow. Simply click each tab below to DOWNLOAD ALL 3 documents. There’s absolutely no catch or obligation of any kind! We are so confident in our products and EllieGlow’s Compensation Plan that we are not going to ask your email address. You choose if you want to give it!

We hope that you’ll be impressed and intrigued enough to consider this Business Opportunity and ultimately to join the EllieGlow Team.  


Here they are:


  1. Dare, Share, Learn, & Earn – Learn all about becoming a EllieGlow Independent Distributor.
  2. EllieGlow Compensation Plan – Browse through all the information about what we consider to be the best compensation plan we could possibly put together! This is the Business Opportunity and earnings potential explained in detail.
  3. The Ultimate Skincare Ritual & Recipe – My Face Deserves the Best Bundle – Get excited while educating yourself about the wonderful ingredients and products of our best-selling bundle.


Bottom Line: We simply have FABULOUS products and we put together a great business opportunity!


Being able to distribute a highly desirable product at a great price and recruit others to do the same is why we think YOU should Join Team EllieGlow. Customers are delighted to re-order. They will call, text, and reorder on your website from YOU! You don’t have to hound them given that our reorder rates are so phenomenal! People who want/need to make a bit more money will welcome this opportunity too. BUilding an EllieGLow Team is something you can be rewarded for through the EllieGlow Compensation Plan. 



Why are EllieGlow Products so fabulous?

We’ve used botanical ingredients such as aloe, Mango, Pomegranate, LemonGrass, frankincense, myrrh, rose oil, honey and bee products like our favorites – exclusive Royal Jelly, Rooibos extract, and Baobab, Marula, and Kalahari Melon Seed Oils – to nourish and protect; just as African woman have done across the millennium. We’ve blended natural emollients like cocoa butter, Aloe Vera, and avocado oil with herbs and fragrant natural botanicals together; using these ingredients extensively in our beauty-enhancing products.