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Eye & Lip Orchid Stem Cell Serum

Eye & Lip Orchid Stem Cell Serum

with peptides & amino acids

 ‘Stem’ the tide of the ravages of time

Eyes and lips show signs of aging first and demand a targeted anti-aging anti-wrinkle formula. Stem cells support new cell procreation, fight inflammation, restore elasticity, fight free radicals & oxidative damage, and strengthen the skin's protective barrier. Deep-penetrating powerhouse amino acids, peptides, Royal Jelly, baobab, marula, and Kalahari melon seed oils meld together creating and amazingly potent anti-aging & anti-wrinkle formulation designed specifically to target the delicate skin cells of the eyes and lips. If you love this powerful blend, feel free to use it on other areas that are showing premature signs of aging too! 

Size: 1.7oz/50ml



Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice*, Polyacrylamide, C13-14 Isoparaffin, Laureth-7, CaprylicDigitata)*, Royal Jelly, Citrullus Lanatus (Watermelon) Seed Oil*, Marula Oil (Sclerocarya Birrea)*, Baobab Seed Oil (Adansonia Digitata)*,   Camellia Sinensis Leaf (Matcha Green Tea)*, Oenothera Biennis (Evening Primrose) Oil*, Rosa Canina (Rose Hip) Seed Oil*, Phalaenopsis Amabilis (White Orchid Milk) Extract, Calanthe Discolor Extract (Orchistem),  Xanthan Gum, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil*, Lupinus Albus Seed Extract (Plant Collagen), Chromium Green Oxide, Curcuma Longa (Turmeric) Root Extract*, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin  


Your eyes say a lot about you… Your lips speak volumes…

But unfortunately, your eyes and lips will also most definitely show signs of aging first, that’s precisely why you should be using a targeted deep-penetrating treatment. Orchid Stem Cells combined with EllieGlow’s signature blend of exotic oils and liquid Royal Jelly are an ‘anti-aging miracle in a pump’ fully capable of boosting your skin's elasticity, collagen, and protein production – especially as these slow down as you age. EllieGlow Orchid Stem Cell Eye & Lip Serum helps combat the signs of chronological aging giving your skin a youthful look it most likely hasn't seen in years!


Our face and bodies to look older because as skin stem cells age, their ability to rejuvenate and repair gets significantly reduced and in the most delicate areas of the skin (eyes, lips) where there are fewer skin layer, this becomes even more problematic. Introducing new stem cells possess unique anti-aging properties that can help slow this process down considerably. We realize that to most clients, stem cells research is a bit new, so we’ve included A LOT OF INFORMATION on this page, but the most important is the EllieGlow stands behind every one of its products. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied within 30 days, return what’s left and we will issue a prompt refund. We’re proud to say that to date, not one EllieGlow Orchid Stem Cell Eye & Lip Serum has been returned! We are confident that you’ll be just as ecstatic when you experience this remarkable formulation. Note: Keep reading for details and research study information on what stem cells are and how they work.

How can orchid stem cells help you achieve a glowing beautifully youthful complexion?

Incorporating plant stem cells in skin care are among the latest breakthroughs – and orchids are the premiere additions to help address common concerns associated with sagging, aging, dull and non-vibrant skin. Orchids stem cells have shown astounding potential in clinical studies with many of the most expensive and exclusive skincare brands in the world. Orchid Stem Cells combat and counterbalance ever-increasing wear and tear of the body's natural stem cells, which (as they deteriorate and lessen in number) increase cellular damage, tear at the function and structure of the skin’s growth cells, and generally accelerate the skin’s natural aging process.

Expected Results

EllieGlow Orchid Stem Cell Eye & Lip Serum features a best-in-class It’s been well documented that orchid stem cells work hard to make your skin look refreshed, beautiful and younger-looking. However, when you combine them with EllieGlow’s signature blends of essential oils and deep-penetrating humectants you’ll soon see outstanding benefits. What will you see?

EllieGlow Orchid Stem Cell Eye & Lip Serum helps:

  • Diminish the appearance of laugh lines, crow’s feet, deep brow wrinkles, and lip pucker wrinkles.
  • Plump the appearance of skin which can significantly reduce fine lines and wrinkle depth. Plumper skin looks healthier, maintains better tone and color, and holds hydration for longer periods of time.
  • Make skin appear from taut and firm.
  • Reduce the appearance of dehydration, dull patches, and
  • Provide a protective barrier against moisture loss.

How do significant anti-aging benefits happen using Orchid Stem Cell extracts in your skin care routine?  

Nowhere on the face shows age faster or with more effect than the eyes and lips. With age, the muscles and structure around the eyes weaken forming fine lines, crow’s feet and deep wrinkles that plague the entire eye area. If you don’t look after eyes and lips, how else will you stem the tide of the ravages of time on you face!?!?

Numerous studies prove that plant-based stem cells do contribute towards fighting the visible signs of aging. However, the benefits of Orchid Stem Stems are most often seen as superior especially when examined for their incredible antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, helping to protect against environmental and sun damage and prevent fine lines and wrinkles from prematurely forming and deepening. Most important, there is strong clinical evidence that stem cells can stimulate and promote the production of new collagen, which can also make your skin appear more vibrant and youthful.

Why does an eye & lip serum work better than a cream?

Taking the whole face into consideration, the eyes and lip areas typically show fine lines and wrinkles first because the skin’s layers are thinner. This is why this area needs a formulation that target the causes of premature wrinkling and aging. The only good thing thinner skin in this area is that serums will be highly effective because they can penetrate quickly to the base layers of the skin. However, this are is highly sensitive too, and the type of serum that works well on the rest of your face will probably irritate your eyes in particular. This is so frustrating! You need a strong, penetrating serum but have to have one that’s gentle and non-irritating too. This is why orchid stem cells are fabulous! They are very well-suited at targeting the area around the lip and eyes because they are plant-based and very gentle but, because they are stem cells they are particularly effective at stimulating collagen and elastin renewal and growth.

Award-Winning Ingredients

Orchid Stem Cell Eye & Lip Serum is an exceptionally powerful blend of clinically proven Award-Winning Ingredients. From the moment you let it soak into your skin, you’ll notice an instant difference. Let it work its magic for only one full cycle of your skin’s natural cellular turnover (45- 56 days) and you’ll be hooked! Very few ingredients deliver the results of a powerful and effective serum EllieGlow Orchid Stem Cell Eye & Lip Serum. Look at the reviews, then try it yourself! With EllieGlow’s guarantee, there’s really nothing to lose --- except for a few wrinkles!

How do stem cells slow the skin’s aging process?

EllieGlow Orchid Stem Cell Eye & Lip Serum is often able to help regenerate and repair cellular tissues damaged by stress, injury, and environmental factors like sun and free radical damage. With this particular stem cell serum, you are furnishing a supply of plant-based stem cells combined with EllieGlow’s unique anti-aging cocktail of liquid Royal Jelly, Marula, baobab, and Kalahari Melon Seed oils that specifically allows the body to repair and rejuvenate skin cells at the deepest and most effective levels of your body. 

What is Skincare Stem Cell Rejuvenation?

Skincare Stem cell rejuvenation is used to combat the effects of the skin’s natural aging process. Stem cells help revitalize the skin’s newer cells growth potential, promoting collagen and elastin production. As we age, stem cell production slows. By adding stem cells, studies show these cells allow to body to work more efficiently by reducing inflammation, modulating the immune system and promoting tissue repair and regeneration.

EllieGlow is a first and foremost all about skincare education.

We are always thrilled to help our clients understand how their skin functions and explain how best to ‘stem’ the tide of the ravages of time with some of the best and most exclusive ingredients on the planet!

What are Stem Cells?

Sometimes called the body's ‘master cells’, stem cells are cells that develop into blood, brain, bones, and all of the body's organs – including the skin. Increased wear and tear of the body’s natural stem cells, increases cellular damage, and accelerate the natural process of aging. Studies show that Stem Cells have the potential repair, restore, replace, and regenerate cells, and a growing body of research insists that stem cells could possibly be used to treat many anti-aging symptoms, medical conditions, and diseases. With our current knowledge of both human and plant-based stem cells, it is technically feasible to delay some aging processes and improve both the health and lifespan of cells. This means that in skincare, stem cells can potentially play a crucial role in delaying aging processes and helping the appearance of the ski’s complexion.

Stem cells can play a crucial role in helping slow down the signs of aging.

Stem cells, in combination with the other exclusive anti-aging ingredients in EllieGlow Orchid Stem Cell Eye & Lip Serum works to create a sophisticated shield, which can ‘stem the tides of time’ and slow down the signs of aging.


NOTE:  Orchids stem cells, unlike human stem cells, have similar profoundly encouraging benefits that animal and human stem cells provide but with the biggest difference being that there are no ethical or legal argument against using them in skincare products.

Upper eyelid lifting effect

In various clinical studies, Orchid Stem Cells have shown to be highly effective in providing an ‘upper eyelid lifting effect’, helping to restore a less wrinkled and more open-eyed appearance in research subjects and clients. Note: This effect was enhanced when subjects performed levator palpebrae superioris exercises twice per day.

Levator palpebrae superioris exercise:First, close your eyelids as tightly as you can and hold that position for ten seconds. Second, open your eyes as wide as possible and hold them at that extreme for ten seconds. Continue to alternate between squeezing your eyes shut and opening them up wide for 5 rotations. Repeat the exercise twice daily.

Lip Lines and Wrinkles

The lip area needs particular care because this is one of the few areas where plastic surgery options are severely limited. Using stem cells as a catalyst for stimulating cellular rejuvenation in this facial area often provides excellent short- and long-term results. Clients note that deep crevasses that nothing else was effective on, stated to diminish rapidly. After 6 weeks, 99% of subjects said the improvement was significant and ongoing. If you’re the type of person who has prematurely aged in the upper and lower lip area, EllieGlow Orchid Stem Cell Eye & Lip Serum can provide hope.

How do Orchid Stem Cells work?

Prior to getting introduced to Orchid Stem Cells, most of our clients never knew that Orchid Stem Cells mimic human stems cells. And they certainly never know how they worked! Let’s explain….

To achieve deep skin cellular rejuvenation, you need to stimulate the skin cell formation process.

Renewal and repair of tissues is carried out by your skin’s stem cells. As you age, even as soon as your 20s, stem cell production slows. Unfortunately, any decrease in the activity of the skin cells charged with this vital function significantly accelerates the skin’s cellular aging process. Consequently, you have to find a way to combat this process with effective treatments with specific ingredients.  

Studies & Research

Orchid stem cells have been studied extensively. In several studies, Orchid Stem Cells were shown to improve communication between skin stem cells and fibroblasts resulting in a speed-up in cellular renewal. The results were noted. The researchers stated that Orchid Stem Cells produce a “rejuvenating effect that lifts and firms' skin, fights wrinkles and gives back a glowing radiance as described by 87.6 of subjects.” Further, when segmented by age, the age group from 45 – 65 showed a 96% improvement in skin texture; for subjects ages 50-70 who had never used stem cells prior, 98% expressed they had a ‘significant improvement’ in wrinkles and fine lines within 4 weeks.

Orchid Stem Cells can ‘Mimic’ Skin Stem Cells

Studies prove that by mirroring or ‘mimicking’ human stem cells, Orchid Stem Cells can effectively communicate with the skin's stem cells and encourage the secretion of growth factors to stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin. , resulting in a rejuvenating effect that lifts and firms the skin, fights the appearance of fine lines and  wrinkles, and gives clients back a glowing radiance they had years prior.

By mimicking how human stem cells work, Orchid Stem Cells can help enhance and protect the longevity of your skin’s stem cells, bolstering production of the compounds you need to help to slow down many of the aging functions that impact your skin’s appearance and base cell function.The introduction of ‘youthful’ or ‘mimicked’ stem cells into the human body can rejuvenate existing cells by ‘tricking’ them into believing that the body has produced lots of stem cells (just like when the body was younger and more vibrant). This ‘trickery’ allows the body to age more gracefully & even reverse some effects of the aging process. 


Here's how scientific researchers explain what happens:

Orchid Stem Cells activate communication between adipose tissue stem cells, which stimulates the production of a cellular secretions that are rich in growth factors. Growth factors trigger the skin’s stem cells stimulating them to manufacture collagen and elastin which are the pillars of skin rejuvenation. Collagen builds strength and resiliency, and elastin is responsible for giving elasticity to tissues. When these are produced a global rejuvenating effect occurs that firms the skin, fights wrinkles and restores the radiance of a more youthful skin and complexion.

What happens as your skin ages?

Keeping your inner-most skin structure functioning at its best is absolutely necessary for a glowing, smoother, and more radiant complexion. Here’s what happens to us ALL: As our skin ages, elastin and collagen production slows down and this contributes to our skin’s structure breaking down. Sagging muscles, jowls, under-eye bags, droopy skin – these are all caused when the elastin fibers start to collapse.

Skin’s Structure Breaks Down as You Age

The best way to think about this is to use something similar. Imagine your youthful 20-year-old’s skin’s structure as being like a newly-built home. It has great bones, no significant issues, and great curb-appeal! Unfortunately, a few things happen when you live in a home for a long period of time…. 20, 30, 40 years on…. It begins to look old, things break down. It needs care and maintenance!

Just like a home, as your skin’s ‘facade and structure’ ages, your skin’s under-lying ‘building structure and appearance’ needs maintenance too. Whether you like it or not, daily wear and tear makes your skin start to disintegrate, tear apart, deteriorate, and succumb to forces like gravity and free radical damage.

The repairing function – your skin’s energetic maintenance crew – needs to deliver collagen and elastin to repair the damage of daily life to keep your skin looking vibrant, glowing, and youthful. To add insult to injury, as you age, your ‘skin maintenance and repair crew’ slows down and can’t restore things as well as it once did. The result: Like an aging building, your skin’s façade (complexion) and structure (layers of your skin) look tired and worn out.  Cracks (wrinkles and fine lines) begin to show, and gravity (sagging, drooping) and environmental damage (sun spots, hyperpigmentation) attack the structure making it look old and run down.

The question is: How do you get your repair crew to keep doing its job energetically so your skin’s structure and appearance stays in tip-top shape?

Studies also indicate that stem cells can help rebuild and reorganize your skin’s unpinning structure by boosting collagen and elastin production, but this serum takes it to a whole other level by adding Plant Collagen too! This formulation was designed specifically to help to reverse many of the annoying signs of aging around the lips and eyes – precisely where we show wrinkles and aging most.

And remember, this marvelous serum can be used in other areas of the face, neck, and cleavage too

if your skin needs an extra-special anti-aging boost!

Most important to remember: As you age, the quantity of your skin stem cells decreases.

This means their ability to repair your skin decreases. The youthfulness that collagen and elastin fiber production lessens considerably too. Curiously enough, the older the body becomes, the slower the rejuvenation process. Scientists believe that a large factor is because stem cell production decreases. Every one of the ingredients formulated in EllieGlow’s Orchid Stem Cell Eye & Lip Serum have been clinically proven to help with this significant issueespecially providing vital stem cells.

What is important about Orchid Stem Cells combined with EllieGlow’s signature ingredients?

Orchids are renowned for their water-retention abilities. So in addition to stimulating cellular renewal, Orchid Stem Cells are absolutely fantastic at providing hydration; which is critical to glowingly youthful looking skin! Orchid stem cells have an abundance of antioxidant compounds and powerful anti-inflammatory properties too. Many environmental factors accelerate aging, such as stress, pollution, lifestyle, injuries, disease, and exposure to toxins. This makes them a highly desirable.


EllieGlow has super-charged their benefits even more by combining their Orchid Stem Cell powerhouses with pure liquid Royal Jelly and Africa’s most powerful oils and humectants including Marula, Baobab, and Kalahari Melon Seed Oils. This unique and powerful formulation will help to bolster the skin’s natural moisture retention by promoting a healthier protective moisture barrier, work on the deeper layers of the dermis, and provide a mechanism to combat specific (and annoying!) aging issues. Specifically, EllieGlow’s Orchid Stem Cell Serum helps to re-establish skin stability and elasticity, making the targeted areas around the eyes and lip plumper, firmer, and more resilient against aging.

Why is using Orchid Stem Cells important?

What will you experience?

  • 93% of our clients aged 38 – 65 report that within only 2 weeks of use the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines were smoother and firmer on the upper eyelid, crow’s feet, and lower ‘bag’ area directly below the eyes.
  • 98% of those surveyed (ages 32 – 60) said that the texture of their skin of the upper lip areas was markedly improved in 30 days using this serum morning and night.
  • 99% of all respondents reported that their facial skin was significantly improved in the specific topic areas of:
  • cellular plumpness,
  • üoverall complexion’s appearance, and
  • reduction of fine lines and wrinkle depth when combined with Glow Ultimate Serum and Stimulate Retinol Serum.

Impressive Ingredients:

As you look at Orchid Stem Cell Eye & Lip Serum’s ingredients (listed below), we know that you’ll be impressed! Aloe and the ingredients you need to boost the efficacy of the Orchid Stem Cells are all at the top of the list, not the bottom. This luxurious blends use the correct amount of some of the world’s most expensive ingredients for TOP-NOTCH RESULTS!!!! Add do you notice there’s no water or fillers? This means a small drop will go a LONG WAY!

Ingredients List:

Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice*, Polyacrylamide, C13-14 Isoparaffin, Laureth-7, CaprylicDigitata)*, Royal Jelly, Citrullus Lanatus (Watermelon) Seed Oil*, Marula Oil (Sclerocarya Birrea)*, Baobab Seed Oil (Adansonia Digitata)*,   Camellia Sinensis Leaf (Matcha Green Tea)*, Oenothera Biennis (Evening Primrose) Oil*, Rosa Canina (Rose Hip) Seed Oil*, Phalaenopsis Amabilis (White Orchid Milk) Extract, Calanthe Discolor Extract (Orchistem),  Xanthan Gum, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil*, Lupinus Albus Seed Extract (Plant Collagen), Chromium Green Oxide, Curcuma Longa (Turmeric) Root Extract*, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin  


Our recommendation for the very best results EVER:

Even though you’ll see results earlier, please allow 28-85 days for this serum to truly work its magic! You be thrilled that you did 😊  The boosting effect of rejuvenation will collagen and elastin synthesis will be exceedingly apparent in terms of improved firmness and cellular ‘plumpness’, increases elasticity, reduction of fine lines and deep wrinkles, and enhanced glow.

Why is this important? Studies estimate that the epidermis completely regenerates itself every 40 to 56 days on average. Bottom line: Skin takes time to turn over all its cells. That’s a fact. Because EllieGlow Orchid Eye & Lip Serum is a SERUM, the ingredients are designed to penetrate deep into the dermis, working at precisely the layers deep in your skin where new skin cells are formed. Therefore, to see optimal results, these skin cells will have to reach the surface, going through one complete ‘shedding cycle’. This is 4 to 6 weeks at a minimum. And when this happens, WOW, WOW, WOW! 99% of EllieGlow clients say there is a MARKED DIFFERENCE in the texture, appearance and feel of their skin!


When you get through 3 – 6 renewal cycles, some serious cellular changes start to happen!  Changes are widespread across your skin’s layers and are most apparent in your skin’s surface. So, what happens when you are too impatient to wait 1, 2, 3 or 6 cycles to happen? You miss out on profound benefits! So please, we know that you’ll see good results within a short period, but OH MY GOSH! You going to see amazing results with continued use.


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