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CMP ColorMePowerful In-Person Consultation
CMP-In-Person Consultation

Book Your In-Person Seasonal Color Analysis Consultation Now!🎨

Discover Your Perfect Palette with our Exclusive Offer:

Book now and receive a powerful (highly-curated & individualized for YOUR COLOR PALETTE) beauty package valued at $605, offered at an exclusive price of ONLY $265.00! SAVE $310!

This includes 90-minute Color Analysis Consultation valued at $250 plus $355 in products! Total Value $605 for only $265!!!

This limited time offer means you'll get the services of our highly trained Certified Color Analysis Coach literally for FREE plus saving on fabulous EllieGlow and ColorMePowerful productstoo! 

CMP In-Person Consultation
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CMP In-Person Consultation
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What's included:

Your Color Analysis Consultation will exclusively focus on your unique Color Palette, advising on your Makeup, Hair Color, and Skincare needs as well as explaining ColorMePowerful Wardrobe Building. After your session, CMP will ship products to create your powerful and confident look!

With this fabulous Color Analysis Consultation bundle, you will receive:

  • 90-Minute Color Analysis Consultation  (Value $250)
  • 3x curated lip stain colors (Value $66)
  • 1x Seasonal Color Eye Shadow Palette of 9 highly-pigmented makeup artist quality eye shades (Value $30)
  • 1x Seasonal Color Contouring Palette with 2x blushes, and 2x highlighters, 2x contour powders(Value $30)
  • 1x Remove Eye Makeup & Lip Stain Remover Because our lip stains and eyeshadows hold their colors like no others, we are sending you our fabulous Remove - Eye Makeup & Lip Stain Remover with Conditioning Botanicals. (Value $65)
  • 1x Glow Ultimate AntiAging Serum - Your face is what people notice first and it's only as great as your GLOW! Glow, glow, GLOW!!!!! EllieGlow's best-selling anti-aging serum! This complex blend of luxurious ingredients and skin loving oils boosts moisture retention. Glow Ultimate Anti-Aging Serum protects the skin’s surface and penetrates deeply to deliver toning, hydrating, softening, and revitalizing effects. (Value $65)
  • BONUS!!!!!! Your Curated Seasonal Color Cape - Additionally, you will receive your personalized Seasonal Color Cape to save you tons of time and money for wardrobe shopping — all aligned perfectly with your unique color palette. (Value $99)

Here's the question... Are you ready to unlock the secret to a wardrobe that exudes power, confidence, and undeniable style? Look no further! Our Seasonal Color Analysis session, conducted by expert Color Analysis Consultants, is your gateway to discovering your unique color palette using the exclusive ColorMePowerful Professional Color Analysis Draping Capes.

Experience the Magic of Color Analysis: Our consultants guide you through the transformative process of discovering your season—Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter. With the precision of our specialized capes, we unveil the colors that harmonize perfectly with your natural features, enhancing your allure and projecting an image of sheer confidence and sophistication.

Benefits of Color Analysis: Imagine a wardrobe perfectly tailored to you, where every outfit radiates your inner beauty and strength. Color Analysis empowers you to curate a fabulous wardrobe effortlessly. By understanding your ideal color palette, you'll make informed fashion choices, eliminate costly style mistakes, and confidently build a versatile and impactful wardrobe.

Savings in Style: Investing in a professional color analysis consultation saves you money in the long run. By knowing your seasonal color palette, you'll shop smarter, avoiding purchases that don't complement your natural tones. It's a strategic investment that ensures every clothing piece and makeup choice aligns with your unique colors, saving you both time and resources.

Don't miss this opportunity to discover your season and elevate your style game! Book your Seasonal Color Analysis session today and step into a world where your wardrobe reflects the powerful, confident woman you truly are.

Invite your friends for a fun evening and give them a truly powerful experience! Plus you'll receive a fabulous hostess bundle! Ask your EllieGlow Consultant for details :) 

Limited availability! Secure your spot now and embark on a journey to a more empowered and stylish you! 

PLEASE NOTE: An In-Person Consultation should be booked in conjunction with your local ColorMePowerful Certified Color Analysts Coach. In-Person Consultations must be booked with CMP Consultations in your area and this page is provided in order to process payments and facilitate delivery of your personalized products associated with this fabulous offer. If you do not have a Certified Color Analysis Coach, we will attempt to match you with one in your area or provide you with options outside of your area if you choose to travel the consultant's practice area. We reserve the right to convert the In-Person Color Analysis Consultation to a virtual consultation with both party's approval. If this occurs, EllieGlow will contact the client prior to conversion to virtual.

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